Wine & Spirits

Leader in innovative packaging
Glass bottles

Saverglass, one of the leaders of high quality bottle producers in the world, serves the Turkish market with 3 plants in France and 1 plant in United Arab Emirates exclusively through Tekpak.


Saverglass is the only glass producer in the world that has the in-house decoration capabilities for high quality glass decoration.






From Heat Shrink PVC and PET-G, and Polilaminate Aluminum capsules to Aluminum barrel seals to very special champagne capsules are part of the range of capsules we can offer to our customers.


Using Fleksograf, Rotogravure, and heat stamp techniques we are able to offer our customers top quality products.


Metal & Sentetik Etiketler.jpg
Seals & Labels

These very versatile stamps can be used in variety of products such as glass bottles, jars or cartons.


Its flexibility and high quality adhesives allow these stamps to be applied in different types of surfaces and creates high quality image for your product.


They are available in metal, synthetic, crystal and wood.

Enological Products

Şarapların daha dengeli ve karakterli olgunlaşması için kullanılan enolojik ürünler.




Technical Corks

Nomacorc, the world leader in technical corks has entered the Turkish market exclusively with Tekpak in 2011 and has been growing its business steadly ever since supplying almost all the major wine companies in Turkey.

Bartop closures

Tekpak exclusively represents J. C. Ribeiro, S.A., a family owned company, established in 1987 by Luis Manuel Ribeiro as an answer to new needs and new challenges in the natural cork stoppers market.


The company is specialized in the conception, development and production of a wide range of cork stoppers with wood, plastic, glass and metal tops, working closely with the marketing and design departments of our customers.


Wire Hoods

These wire hoods are perfect for the sparkling wine, champagne, beer and non-alcoholic apple wine and comes in two models:


Free Belt CL type, formed by two wires and meant for application on natural cork;
Fixed Belt DT type, formed by one wire only and mainly meant for application on plastic stoppers.





Tekpak offers screw caps for wine & spirits industry through its exclusive agreement with Federfin Tech from Italy. 


We are able to offer Federfin's vast experience in developing new and innovative closure solutions to our customers.



Founded in 1825, Tonnellerie Demptos has forged its expertise over two hundred years, building on experience and new developments.


The company is proud of still being a family business, where tradition and close customer relations are paramount. At Demptos, all their skill goes into making top quality barrels to meet the requirements and expectations of winemakers all over the world.

Tekpak started to exclusively represent Demptos in 2014.


Wine & Spirits Labels

One of Italy's leading label producers Labelit has teamed up with IPS-Innovative Printing Services, another part Italian owned company located in Turkey and Tekpak as the exclusive marketer of their products.





Technology and Service

NomaSense, an innovative tool that has been introduced by Nomacorc to the wine market allows the wine makers the ability to check and control the oxygen levels in their plant starting from the tank to the end of the bottling line. 


Tekpak has the tools and knowledge to offer you this as part of their service offering when selling technical corks made by Nomacorc.