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At Vinitaly, Barolo Wins the Race Against Time Thanks to Nomacorc

Verona, ITALY (April, 2016) – Time can help make a great wine, but it can also become its own worst enemy. For Agricola Brandini and its Barolo DOCG, the test of time was securely won thanks to the protection of an important contribution: the Nomacorc Select Green closure. At the Vino Libero stand during Vinitaly, the World’s Best Sommelier 2013 Luca Martini conducted a technical tasting of the first Barolo closed with Nomacorc.

“Our wine is the first Barolo DOCG closed with an alternative closure,” says Giovanna Bagnasco of Agricola Brandini, “and we are really satisfied with the choice we’ve made. We are an organic, environmentally-conscious and innovated winery. This closure is the result of major technological research and it is the first zero carbon footprint wine closure. This is perfectly in line with our philosophy.”

If sustainability is certainly a real advantage nowadays, it is what differentiates this closure and allows the wine to be really significant, as Luca Martini explains: “Nomacorc Select Green is decisive for different reasons, from the ability to ensure the preservation and wine quality, to eliminating the main defects associated with other closures such as cork taint. But that’s not all—this closure represents a true enological tool, allowing you to decide the amount of oxygen ingress in the wine, which makes an important contribution to determine the wine’s evolution once bottled.”

“We are happy with the partnership built with Agricola Brandini, because it represents a way of understanding the wine in which we recognize ourselves,” said Filippo Peroni, Sales Director of Nomacorc Italy. “For us, to guarantee the quality of a wine over years is essential, just as it is essential to continue working to minimize our impact on the environment.”

SOURCE: Advisor Wine Industry Network

By Press Release April 24, 2017

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